January 9, 2011

The ULTIMATE Stock Market Model

Everyone Knows That The Secret to Making Money in the Stock Market Model is to:


The Only Question is "HOW"!

Read This Quick Report and I'll Show You:

  • …theTRUTHS about the Market that most investors KNOW but DON'T UNDERSTAND!
  • …why PASSIVE INVESTING (aka Buy / Hold) is an OXYMORON
  • …the average investor fails they follow EMOTIONS, not a proven PLAN
  • …you don't need to 'pick a stock' or 'study technical analysis' to be successful
  • …there is indeed A PROVEN MODEL that is easy to understand and follow

I call it The ULTIMATE Stock Market Model!

In Short:
We Combine a Decades Old Investment Formula with Brand New Investment Vehicles – The Combination of the Two is Powerful

PLUS: I'll Show You How To Incorporate This Model into your Total Wealth-Building Plan.


Before we get to the details, I want you to consider one question: 

"How do the Pro's make money in the Market, day in and day out"?

It's actually quite simple – the Pro's are serious and sophisticated about their investments – they use models that tell them precisely what to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell.  Its really as 'simple' as having the right formula!   The trick is, of course, knowing what the right formula is! 

Well I believe I have discovered it! I worked and worked to discover this 'secret' because I truly believed it was out there – and I've made an average of ~40% per year since!  (I'll show you my actual trades to prove it!)

I bet you're saying 'yeah right – whatever!'  Well I don't blame you.  I want to prove it to you – and I want you to try it out! 

Let me explain…I believe that the average investor is suffering from being misled by the "Pro's" that make money off of the ignorance of the masses.  This causes too many people to suffer and not realize their full God-given potential – and in my mind this is criminal!  I believe that it's high time that the 'secrets' are shared with the 'average' folks so we can take care of ourselves (no one's bailing us out, huh!?)   

So, I created this site to help others understand the real nature of the Market, and come screaming down the learning curve and master the Market and so that they can take charge of your own financial future and their full potential.


Together, these factors are not only shrinking profit margins, panicking investors, and undermining the recovery…

Our Most Significant
Economic Forecast in Years

Forget the bank stocks.  Stay away from homebuilders.  And—whatever you do—avoid most retailers and REITs like the plague.

In this year’s Almanac, I’ll explain how the falling dollar, a divided congress and a new U.S. export boom are about to divide Wall Street in half. 

On one side, consumer spending will decline, entire sectors will be abandoned, and earnings will evaporate—and with them, the fortunes of millions of investors will vanish as well.

On the other side, companies will be thriving, earnings will be accelerating, and investors will be enjoying their best returns in years, fully protected from the liquidity plague that will send millions of investors to the poorhouse.

This year’s Almanac gives you a chance to choose which Wall Street you will invest in… because both markets will be competing for your money. Thanks to the market chaos, you won’t be able to tell the difference until it’s too late.

That’s why I’ve created my 2011 Blue Chip Growth Investing Almanac:  to help you avoid the mistakes others will make and to introduce my Blue Chip Growth investing advisory.

Over the past 12 years, we not only have enjoyed breakout profits of up to 400% on our top picks but also have beaten the S&P 500 by  $3 to $1, with 118% documented gains compared with 41% for the S&P 500.

No other financial advisory that I’m aware of has beaten the market by $3-to-$1 for over decade.

That’s why this year’s Almanac is so important to your future.  It not only warns you away from the stocks and the sectors that will hand investors some of the most devastating losses in their lives…

…but also shows you why and where we’re investing in 2011 so that we can continue to beat the market $3 to $1 and double your money along the way.  

So grab a cup of coffee and settle back into your favorite chair and take a few minutes to read this year’s Almanac cover to cover. You’ll be both shocked and amazed by what’s headed your way… as well as discover the best investments for 2011 and why they’ll be so profitable for you if you buy them now.

Louis Navellier, editor
Blue Chip Growth

P.S. New for this year, I’ve included a special bonus section: How to Invest $50,000 now.

…but also creating many amazing profit opportunities for investors who understand the powerful economic forces at work, select the right stocks, and hold on for the ride.

To be sure, the pathway to profits is filled with potholes.

All nations must find ways to get their financial houses in order… the credit squeeze is putting pressure on banks to remain profitable… home builders face massive losses, while drug companies and technology firms must develop new products at lower costs if they plan to survive the new health reform laws.

The rewards—no matter what the industry—will go to companies that continue to grow earnings and market share the tried and true way:  giving consumers what they want faster, cheaper, and better than the competition does.

For the last 12 months, we’ve been telling our readers about the shift in the markets and connecting the dots to the companies most likely to profit.

This is how I lead my readers to Baidu. Since I recommended it in October 2009 it’s handed my readers an incredible 181%, turning $10,000 into $28,100.

But this certainly hasn’t been our only winner. Our top consumer company, Amazon, has also doubled investors’ money over the past 12 months.

At the same time, one of the top technology companies in the world, F5 Networks, was up 170%, turning a $10,000 investment into $27,000—all as most investors huddled on the sidelines not knowing where to put their money.

This is all while the markets have eked out a less than 10% gain since last December!

Making money as the market shifts is no fluke for us at Blue Chip Growth.  For more than two decades, we’ve ridden the trends and taken advantage of market conditions in order to lead our readers to many outstanding returns.

For example…

  1. In the ’80s, through a host of markets much more volatile than this, my readers made 820% with LA Gear and 786% with 4Kids Entertainment.  I could see that prices were being squeezed higher by the twin forces of supply and demand.
  2. In the 1990s, during the market fallout, we continued to pile on the profits in technology with big winners like Optical Coatings (+1,579%), Photon Dynamics (+971%), Envirodyne (+1,704%), and Glenayre Technologies (+688%).
  3. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when oil prices were being squeezed higher, my readers more than doubled their money in a handful of select oil companies:  Imperial Oil (+169.95%), Valero Energy (+222.33%), Occidental Petroleum (+231.4%), and Canadian Natural Resources (+206.99%).
  4. This year our earnings-based approached continued to richly reward our readers with outsized gains in Baidu (+181%), Amazon.com (+109%), and Ambev (+84%).

Of course, I didn’t send you this year’s Almanac to gloat about our past performers.  I sent it to you to for two reasons:

Meet Louis Navellier

America’s #1—Ranked
Investment Advisor


For over 12 years, Louis Navellier has been helping investors get rich.  As you’ll see here, his time-tested approach has beaten the S&P 500 by $3 to $1 but double investors' money countless times in his individual recommendation.  

What’s more, his successes have made him one of the top money managers in the world as well—with over $3 billion under his direct control.

So it’s no wonder that his Blue Chip Growth has grown to be one of the largest and most widely read investor advisories in the world, with thousands of readers in dozens of countries.

In this special issue you’ll see how you can use his trend-riding, earnings-based stock-picking system to safely and systematically build your wealth.

  1. To introduce you to the next big winners that could make you 50%… 75%… even as much as 100% richer in the next six months
  2. To lay the foundation for the kinds of investment opportunities that are headed your way in 2011

For over 25 years, the readers of my advisories have grown steadily richer by our ability to spot the trends early, selecting the right stocks and holding on for the ride.

And I can tell you with unparalleled certainty, if you can join us and take an ownership position in just a few of the companies you’ll read about in this year’s Almanac

…you’ll be in a superb position to pyramid your wealth as the boom in blue chip growth stocks takes off—and before most investors get a small whiff of the opportunities that are headed your way.

Let me begin with…

3 Powerful New Trend-Riding
Profit Strategies for 2011

First let me say that here at Blue Chip Growth, we have found the secret to successful investing to be simple and twofold: Join Now

  1. To identify the path of global growth, where the forces of supply and demand are just begging to make you richer
  2. To invest in the companies that lie in squarely in the crossroads and are growing their earnings exponentially

Tragically, most investors ignore the trends or—worse—invest against them.  They either choose their stocks based on flawed methodologies that are no better then picking them out of a hat or—worse—they get their stock picks from TV shows, at cocktail parties, or—worse—from their brothers-in-law.

This is why the majority of investors wonder why their investments are always adrift, without either the wind in their sails to power them to profits or an earnings anchor to keep them steady in sea of uncertainty.

This is also why every investment you’ll read about here and in the pages of Blue Chip Growth will not only be riding today’s most powerful economic trends but also be the undisputed leader in its field.

How We Find the Winners
That Could Hand You
Triple-Digit Gains in 2011

Here at Blue Chip Growth, we have found the secret to successful investing is twofold:  1. to identify the path of global growth, where the forces of supply and demand are just begging to make you richer, and 2. to invest in the companies that lie in squarely in the crossroads.

Over the years, we have built up one of the largest databases of stock information on the planet, along with the world’s most powerful computers, in order to track the predictable movements in the world economy.

As a result, we’ve been able to not only mathematically identify which stocks across all sectors have the greatest earnings growth, sales cash flow, and earnings momentum, so you can buy them before they take off…

…but also tell you when earnings are slowing and profits are shrinking, so you can bank your profits instead of handing them back to the market.

This is how we’ve been able to not only consistently ride the power trends of our time, but also invest in the most profitable stocks along the way.

Example:  When I started recommending Priceline (PCLN) in January of last year, our computer model indicated a new boom afoot in low-cost travel, driven in part by reduced spending and the desire of airlines, hotels, and rental cars to reduce prices and increase sales.  The result put Priceline, with agreements across the entire travel universe, in the driver's seat. In less than 11 months, my readers have nearly doubled their money.

Using the same Blue Chip Growth system, we were also able to catch major rises in Amazon.com, up 108%, and Citrix Systems, up 56% as well.  

In fact, as of this writing, I’m proud to say that my Blue Chip Growth readers are sitting on 30 winners out of 31 positions.  Not only are over 96% of our recommendations winners, but also our big breakout winners are up well over 100% with many of our top performers in the 50% to 60% range.  

Of course, when it comes to investing, nobody bats 1,000.  On the downside, the one company we hold that is in the red is down just 0.7%.

Frankly, that’s what our simple system does with scientific precision:  it identifies with the wealth on the upside while it limits your losses on the downside.

That’s how my approach has not only beaten the market by $3 to $1 for more than 12 years but also delivered many of Wall Street’s biggest winners over the years.  As you’ll see here, our 2011 recommendations are on track to repeat these great gains.

Click here for details.


That’s the whole reason I’ve sent you this year’s Almanac—to help you gain more direction and focus in your holdings so you begin to enjoy the kind of profits we take for granted at Blue Chip Growth.

If you agree that our trend-riding, earnings-driven approach offers you a better and smarter way to invest your money in 2011, I’ve made it possible for you to receive a full year of Blue Chip Growth, my weekly hotline alerts, and access to my subscriber-only Web site without risking a dime.

That’s how confident I am that our time-proven approach along with my new 2011 recommendations will continue to deliver the kind of triple-digit profits that my past readers have enjoyed.

More about that in a moment, but first here’s…

Trend-Riding Profit Strategy No. 1

Ride the Falling Dollar
to Triple-Digit Wealth

Before I begin, I want you to know that I’m not going to bore you with any economic doublespeak about currencies. 

What I will tell you, in the most simplistic terms, is how you can profit from the lowest dollar in 15 years.  Then I’ll connect the dots to a few of the companies we own that will be making money hand over fist.

That way you’ll see both our Blue Chip Growth strategy in action and how we apply this to all our investments.

So let me make it easy for you.  A falling dollar does two things:

  1. Makes foreign imports more expensive
  2. Makes U.S. exports cheaper on the world market

The chain reaction not only increases sales of U.S. goods around the world but also creates more jobs for Americans.  The end result increases the profit of U.S. multinationals.

And that’s just the half of it.

Because a cheaper dollar makes foreign products more expensive, Americans buy more American goods as well—creating even more U.S. jobs.

On a purely psychological level, my friend, it does even more than that:  it creates greater investor and consumer confidence, as more Americans are working, more consumers are spending, and more American companies are profiting.

On top of that, a falling dollar has one potentially bigger benefit.  It reduces the trade deficit, further strengthening the economy.

And while there are others who might take exception to my simple explanation, they’ll certainly agree on this:  American exporters will make out like bandits.

And it’s all because American goods become much cheaper and the world buys more of them. That’s why if you can take an ownership position in just a few of the companies I’ll tell you about here, you’ll make out like a bandit too.

Let me introduce you to my No. 1 wealth builder now.  Then I’ll tell you about a two additional trends we’re going to profit from in 2011, and as I do, I’ll introduce you to my No. 1 picks in those sectors as well.

Secure Your Future With the Triple-Crown
 Winner of the Falling Dollar

As the Federal Reserve injects another $600 billion into the economy, the chain reaction will not only push the dollar lower but also make American goods cheaper—the result will make the U.S. tech sector one of the most profitable in 2011.  

Make no mistake about it:  The boom in mobile devices continues to be unstoppable and SanDisk is one of the biggest profit takers, as it sells its storage products to nearly all the major manufactures. If you had invested $20,000 in this SanDisk in March of 2009, you’d be sitting on $124,000 now.  A $100,000 stake would now be worth $620,000.  With the dollar continuing to fall, I could see the company handing us another 50% gain in the first half of 2011 and double soon after that.

How can this be?

Because the tech sector lies at the crossroads of two mammoth global trends:  1. the falling dollar 2. the growth of Asian consumer markets, and 3. the surge in mobile phone and gadget sales.  

As a result, the manufacturers of computer chips, handheld mobile devices and phones and data storage will be take-to-to-the-bank winners.  Our three top performers in this sector will make money hand over fist.

Write This Name Down Now…
…and please remember that you read it here first.

SanDisk (SNDK) is by far the world’s largest leading producer of data storage products for cameras and mobile computing devices.

In fact, the company’s market share is so huge that we estimate that the company controls nearly 50% of the mobile data storage market—with more than half of its sales coming from the Asia/Pacific region.

It’s no wonder. 

The company’s embedded memory cards are found in just about every type of mobile computing device on the planet, including in digital cameras, medical devices, networking equipment, notebook computers and phones—and with the biggest names in the industry, including Canon, Eastman Kodak, and Siemens.

Why Buying the Big
Blue Chips Means Making
the Big Profits in 2011

As you’ll discover on page 21, due to the falling dollar, U.S. export growth is expected to boom again just like it did back in 2008 when exports rose three times faster than that of imports.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight.  But it will happen over time, as the falling dollar continues to feed the emerging-markets boom around the world, millions of new consumers start buying a ton of low priced American goods. 

It’s funny how here in the U.S. we continually talk about the U.S. consumer driving world markets.  In the next few years, we may be talking about the Chinese, Russian, Indian, and Brazilian consumers driving the markets.

In fact, as many American consumers cut back on spending Chinese consumers are spending their newfound wealth on everything from TVs, cell phones, cars—you name it.

With the Beijing government offering its people incredible subsidies to buy everything from appliances to cars, we estimate consumer spending there will continue rise exponentially over the next few years. Especially now that Chinese are beginning to get hooked on credit purchases, as U.S. consumers have been.

Do you realize what this means?

A mammoth consumer spending shift is under way, and it’s about to line the pockets of U.S. companies.

Thanks in part to the falling dollar and also to the American movies they’ve been watching for years.  As consumers in emerging nations enjoy newfound wealth, they are going to buy the same commodities we Americans take for granted—at dollar discounted prices they may never see in their lifetimes.

As a result, the trade gap will narrow.  With analysts predicting that the deficit could drop below 4% of GDP, in time the dollar will strengthen, ultimately ending the fire sale on U.S. goods and services around the world.

Which is why you’re about to see one of the biggest export booms we’ve seen since the 1980s.

Who Will Profit?

As you’ll read on pages 8 and 16 of this special report, U.S. agricultural and specialized U.S. technologies will be take-it-to-the-bank winners…as will the health care, utilities, auto components and export machinery sectors.

The biggest profit-takers will be those companies that derive the majority of their income from outside the U.S.

As I look over my list of 20 stocks that are poised to profit from these world-changing trends, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, about to open so many gifts.

In the agriculture sector, John Deere leads the way with nearly 200% gains in two years.  Followed by two American food companies that are making money hand over fist selling to China and on track to match John Deere’s incredible gains.

In the wireless sector, again, SanDisk is already leading the way with 32% sales and 39% earnings growth. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve added another mobile computing to our Buy List top stocks list which is delivering even greater earnings growth (71% sales and 70% earnings growth) and should deliver another 100% gain in 2011.

As you’ll see in your free report, this new mobile computing winner has also handed investors better than 200% gains over the past two years and should easily repeat these gains as the dollar falls and foreign sales shoot through the roof.

Health care stocks should see continued growth as well—thanks to the new health care reform law that will give millions more Americans access to health services.   As you’ll read in your free 20 Best Stocks for 2011, our top pick has already handed my readers 68% gain with our two other top choices following right behind. But even these gains will look like a drop in the bucket as many new provision of the health care laws kick in next year and their sales and earnings continue to rise.  

American travel companies should pile on the profits as well, as America’s top travel destinations go on sale around the world.  As you’ll read in your free report, our top stock in that sector is simply booming.  With 71% earnings growth, it’s no surprise the company was up more than 86% over the past 12 months. We are expecting even greater results, as America becomes the world’s most affordable travel destination on the planet.

American technology stocks will also see huge gains as chip prices fall around the world.   If the SanDisk’s meteoric rise is any indication of what lies ahead, our top stocks in these sectors will make money as easily as taking candy from a baby.

You’ll read about them, and the balance of my 20 Best Stocks for 2011, in your free report.  In it I’ll explain why the latest trends will push our stocks higher. It’s yours free, as a bonus with your no-risk subscription to Blue Chip Growth.

That’s just on the manufacturing side. 

Its stand alone products are sold through America’s top-rated consumer electronics and office supply companies including Best Buy and Office Depot.

And it get’s better from there as well, as SanDisk holds more than 1,400 U.S. patents and 700 foreign patents and licenses its technology to customers such as Intel, Sharp, and Sony—all of which shows up on the bottom line.

When you add the fact that falling dollar will bring in more sales from the China/Asia region, you can see why the company is about to hit the jackpot again as its products become more affordable overseas and its earnings and sales skyrocket. 

In fact, if you had invested $20,000 in this company March of 2009, you’d be sitting on $124,000 now.  A $100,000 stake would now be worth $620,000.

And it’s all because the demand for mobile computing exploded by as the global recovery has taken hold and the company has a locked-in market share.

With the dollar continuing to fall, I could see the company not only handing us a 50% gain in the first half of 2011 but also a quick double soon after that.   

However, when you take a closer look at the company’s global leadership and achievements over the past three years, even that estimate could be on the low side.

And it’s all because SanDisk is at the heart the mobile computing boom with its flash memory storage devices going into nearly every mobile device in the world.

As a result, the stock is not only up 520% since March of 2009, but is also perfectly positioned to hand you triple-digit returns in the months and years ahead.

This is why I’m telling my Blue Chip Growth readers…

This Stock Could Easily Hand You
$4-for-$1 Returns in Less than Three Years

It’s also why SanDisk represents the kind of company we recommend at Blue Chip Growth.  The kind of company that we invest in that has helped us beat the market by $3-to-$1 since 1998.

A company that not only can exploit the dramatic changes that are unfolding but is rapidly increasing its earnings, expanding operating profit margins, and richly rewarding investors along the way.

With the dollar continuing its free fall, SanDisk offers you a ground-floor opportunity to profit from the convergence of three unstoppable trends.  Over the next three to five years, I expect the company to grow 50% to 100% a year.

But don’t buy it yet. 

Be sure to check my updated buy price in this month’s issue (online now).  With the market continuing to bounce up and down as if attached to a giant bungee cord, my target price and a little patience could add an extra 20% to 30% to your profits.

If you can buy it at today’s bargain price, you can book your world tour now and enjoy sky-high profits year after year.

Full details on your free 2011 Blue Chip Growth Almanac.

20 More Exciting Ways to Profit From World-Changing Trends

By the way, SanDisk is just one of 20 trend-riding companies that I’m heartily recommending for immediate purchase.

Each one not only lies at the crossroads of a number of unstoppable trends but also is growing its earnings exponentially.

In the pages ahead, I’ll give you a sneak preview of these new wealth builders along with our proven method of investing that’s helped us beat the market by $3-to-$1 for more than 10 years.

As you’ll discover, these recommendations not only form the foundation of our investment strategy for 2011…but are also detailed in a special, privately circulated report I’ve written exclusively for my Blue Chip Growth readers.

It’s called simply The 20 Best Stocks for 2011.

Your free report will give you a panoramic overview of the forces that will affect your wealth in 2011 and how to profit from them, along with our complete list of stocks that will reap the lion’s share of profits.

You have my word that I will not sell it or give it to anyone outside our circle at any price.

If you’re new to Blue Chip Growth, the reason I do this is simple.  You see, if I were to release this information to the general public, then my readers might not be able to buy our top stocks at the lowest possible prices.

It is precisely this focus on protecting and building our subscribers’ wealth that has not only made Blue Chip Growth one of the most respected and widely circulated advisories on Wall Street…

…but also has led to us deliver consistent double-digit returns over the past nine years.

If this sounds like the kind of exclusivity you demand from your financial advisory, I’ve made it possible for you to receive a one-year, money-back-guaranteed trial subscription to Blue Chip Growth along with your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011.

Just click on any of the links in this special preview to download your free copy.

Before you do, let me tell you two more world-changing trends along with my top recommendations in these sectors.  That way you’ll not only get a better picture of how we’re investing in 2011 but also see the kind of opportunities that you’ll find in every issue of Blue Chip Growth.

As you’ll see, my next recommendation is not only an emerging juggernaut that’s at the crossroads of three powerful trends but could also double your money over the next 12 months.

Click here for details.

Trend-Riding Profit Strategy No. 2

Double Your Money Feeding China

As the falling dollar makes American goods cheaper all over the world, the U.S. agricultural sector will take off.

How can this be?

Because the American agricultural industry lies at the crossroads of three global trends: 1. the falling dollar, 2. rising food costs, and 3. global food shortages.

As a result, the manufacturers of farm equipment will be take-to-the-bank winners—especially now with food inflation spiraling out of control in China.

Here’s the story:

How Rising Food Prices in China
Could Double Your Money in 12 Months

To understand why demand for U.S. farm equipment you need only consider these two simple factors:

While we eat fairly well here in the U.S., both China and India face food shortages brought on by population growth, water shortages, and smaller harvests.

Join NowAs a result, both countries have already turned to the U.S. markets for grain and livestock. However, that’s simply a short-term solution. In order for these countries to secure their food security, they must continue to develop their own agricultural industry.

As the old saying goes, "If you give man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life."

This is why we at Blue Chip Growth believe that the biggest opportunity lies with our No. 1 recommendation in that sector, John Deere (DE). 

Because the American agricultural industry lies at the crossroads of three global trends: 1. the falling dollar, 2. rising food costs, and 3. global food shortages, John Deere continues to be an opportunity that’s just begging to make you richer.  Over the past 12 months, the stock has risen more than 53%.  Thanks to the falling dollar and new sales from China, we’re expecting even greater gains in 2011. You’ll get the full story in your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011.

The reasons are many:

  1. The falling dollar is making U.S. farm equipment the greatest agricultural value in the world. 
  2. John Deere has a long history of innovation and reliability that can improve crop production.
  3. Despite China’s most recent advances, they still have by all accounts, an aging fleet of farm equipment that desperately needs to be upgraded, and
  4. The Chinese government has put a priority on being self-sufficient in food and agriculture, committing 818 billion yuan to improve food production.

The master key to doing this is by increasing farm productivity. 

Let me explain. 

In the U.S., a farmer spends one to two days on ever hectare (think acre, only bigger).  That time would include preparing, planting, and harvesting the crops.

In China, a farmer spends nearly 100 days per hectare.  While that’s down from 200 days from 20 years ago, it’s simply not enough to keep up with demand for food.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Top Recommendations From Your Free Copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011

Best Auto Stocks
With 141% gains in 12 months, this little-known auto company is making money hand over fist from the new auto boom crests across emerging markets—all thanks to its affordable product line, shrewd marketing, and top management.  Your free 2011 Almanac brings you the full story on this profit-taker along with another global automaker that’s also risen 100% during these tough times.

Best Biotech Stock
With multiple diabetes drugs in high demand, earnings are up 30%.  As you’ll see in your free report, new care reform could pile on the profits here.

Best Business Services Stock
Up 121% in 12 months, this company’s sales continue to hit new sales records as its software streamlines operations and gives its customers a huge competitive edge of the competition.

Best China Stock
Up 155% in the last 12 months, the company continues to exceed analysts’ expectations.  Look for a double in 2011.

Consumer Electronics Stock
Up 21% over the past 12 months, the company has been scoring a profit windfall from one of the greatest growth trends I’ve seen, as millions of Americans trade in their old TV sets and the world goes HD in a big way.

Best Consumer Retail Stock
Since we added this one to our holdings, we’re up 68% in 12 months.  With the demand for mobile phone and gadget sales continuing to pick up steam, we’re targeting another 50% annual gain in 2011.

Best Internet Retailer
Move over Amazon.com.  This little-known billion dollar online retailer is going to give you a run for your money.  Up 29% since August on 140% sales growth, this company continues to outperform Amazon by better than $2-to-$1 Your free 2011 Almanac reveals why plus why expect another 50% gain in the next six months.

Best Energy Stock
Surprisingly, it’s not a U.S. energy company but a Latin American company that we’re targeting another 50% gain from rising energy costs and the falling dollar.    At 16 times earnings it’s a steal of a deal. 

Best Data Storage Stock
Up 66% in 12 months on 174% sales growth, we see it matching SanDisk’s gains in the new few years as the dollar falls and foreign sales continue to skyrocket. FREE

PLUS:  Best Food Stock, Best IT Services Stock, Best Travel Stock, Best Big Pharama Stock, Best Transportation Stock, Best Retirement Stock, Best Catalog Stock, Best Restaurant Stock.

Click here for details.

That’s what makes John Deere such a great play on both the falling dollar and rising Chinese food costs along with the Chinese government’s commitment to improving food production.

As you’ll see in your 2011 Almanac, it’s a win/win for both the company, the farmers, and the Chinese government as the farmers get state of the art equipment as new low prices and the government boosts food production per hectare—all while John Deere’s sales and profits shoot through the roof.

With five centralized locations in China already selling harvesters, tractors and engines, John Deere is in the cat bird seat as the dollar falls, food costs rise, and the Chinese government pulls out all the stops to increase food production.

So its no wonder analyst community is expecting that Deere’s quarterly sales will rise 31%, and its earnings will rise a whopping 300%!

For these reasons, we see Deere matching its past two year nearly 200%+ gains in the next two years as the falling dollar and China’s commitment to boost food production increases and the company’s sales and earnings to the highest levels we’ve seen in years. 

We’re already seeing the company begin its next run.

And we don’t see it slowing down either as food consumption grows in China, the dollar falls, and China increases its farm equipment order to cultivate more land.

In your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011, I’ll explain why Jon Deere is poised to dominate the China food boom just as Apple’s iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes dominates the mobile computing world. And why if you would buy this stock now and hold it for the next two years, you could bank similar 200% gains.

I’ll also tell you about two additional manufacturing juggernauts that are also profiting from the growth in China exceptional gains.  Both are up 30% in the last 90 days and are clearly on track to double my readers’ money in 2011.

Capture a Decade’s Worth of Profits
in the Next Two to Three Years

If you’ve read this far, then you can see how the falling dollar and China’s food dilemma could go down in history one of the most profitable profit opportunities of 2011.

As the editor of Blue Chip Growth, it’s my job to connect the dots to the stocks that are most likely to profit.  As you’ve seen so far, by simply embracing these opportunities now, you could easily double, triple, or even quadruple your wealth in the years ahead.

For over 25 years, my readers have grown richer from identifying the world-changing trends, handpicking the stocks, and holding on for the ride.

You see, while the majority of stocks experts hunt for stocks based on a strange combination of technical and fundamental analysis, we look for companies that are tied to the future, riding the trends, and making money now.

There’s a huge difference between these two approaches.  Ours guarantees that you will make money not only today but into the future as well.

Theirs looks to the past, which can be a risky proposition because as the market shifts, new trends emerge, creating a whole new playing field and not only making last year’s numbers obsolete but also creating a whole new set of winners and losers.

As my readers will tell you, our time-proven system is never stagnant, but continually looking for the best opportunities in the marketplace, with one eye on the trends and the other on earnings.

As a result, our Blue Chip Growth system not only mathematically identifies which stocks across all sectors have the greatest earnings growth, sales cash flow, and earnings momentum, so you can buy them before they take off…

…but also tells you when earnings are slowing and profits are shrinking, so you can bank your profits instead of handing them back to the market.

That’s how my approach has doubled our readers’ money over and over since 1998 in our individual recommendations… beaten the market by $3 to $1 along the way… and why our readers seldom if ever give back their profits…and why our next five recommendations could make you 50% richer—or more—in the next six months.

You’ll be glad to know that my new readers who joined me October of 2009 have seen a $10,000 investment in Baidu more become $28,100, while those who joined me in January of 2010 have banked 83% in Priceline.  I’m proud to say that those who joined me in the last 30 days have already seen their first 10% rise.

As you’ve seen so far, the falling dollar is favoring a new set of companies.  That’s why if you can take a small position in any of them NOW, you’ll truly be getting in on the ground floor of a new wealth boom right from the start.

One company in the cloud-computing field—previewed below and fully described in your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011—not only is up 115% over the past 12 months but is on track to blow away the analysts’ estimates, with another quarter of 100% earnings growth.   Another is a multibillion-dollar company that has a lock-grip on the data storage markets that grows daily as the Internet becomes more and more dominated by online video.

Still another, which I’m just giddy about, is up 20% over the past 4 months, thanks to as much as 275% earnings growth and boom in wireless computing and mobile connectivity.

You’ll find the full story on all of them in your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011.  In it I’ll explain how each is riding a trend in its own industry…how their earnings and strong cash positions are keeping competitors at bay… along with the exact buy price that will reduce your risk and maximize your profits.

In the meantime let me tell you about another mammoth wealth-building trend.  As you’ll discover, this company could hand you a decade’s worth of profits in the next two years.

New for 2011

How to Invest
$50,000 Now

Over the years, I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from readers asking me how to get started with Blue Chip Growth.  That’s why I’m sending my new readers a complete guide to investing alongside us.  It’s called How to Invest $50,000 Now.

In it I provide you with the top stocks that match your objective with the risk you’re comfortable with.  I’ll clearly explain how you can add these recommendations in the right amounts to produce a powerful wealth-building portfolio that will help you always maximize your profits.

FREEIn addition, I’ll also show you step-by-step how to fine-tune your portfolio to take advantage of my new recommendations in every monthly issue of Blue Chip Growth along with how to take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace.

It’s yours free, along with a no-risk trial subscription to Blue Chip Growth.  Just click here now to download your free copy.

Trend-Riding Profit Strategy No. 3

Retire Rich From the New
American Export Boom

As the foreign multinationals lament the falling dollar, American investors like you are going to make a bundle as a number of our blue chip holdings make out like bandits from their overseas operations.


  1. Because our companies’ exports become cheaper and the world buys more of them, boosting earnings, and in doing so will boost the stock prices of our top companies.

    But that’s only the half of it.

  2. Because goods on the world market are paid for in their home currency, every euro, pound, and yuan in which they pay for their goods translates to a huge profit boost simply because their currency is worth more than ours—especially as the dollar continues to slide.

As you’ll see as the year plays out, it is precisely this double win that will make US multinationals the biggest profit-takers of the falling dollar and the accompanying export boom…and why my hands itch in anticipation of the profits that we’ll make.

Why You Could Retire on My Top Pick

Like all of our top stocks for 2011, this company is profiting from the convergence of a number of world-changing trends.

As you’ll see, the company offers conservative investors one of the safest ways to profit from the falling dollar and the growing US export boom along with another world-changing trend, online computing.   And the company’s 200% gains over the past two years prove my point.

Who, exactly, am I talking about?

A relatively unknown $36 billion technology company that’s growing its earnings 125%, that derives 66% of its income from overseas, and whose products are front row and center in the hottest high tech market of all:  cloud computing.  

As I mentioned in the accompanying article, VMware offers investors one of the safest and most profitable ways to profit from the falling dollar and the rise in emerging markets.   As one of the world’s leaders in the cloud computing, the company already turned a $10,000 investment into $30,000 over the past two years.  Please don’t think you’re too late for the train on this one.  Our research shows the company could easily repeat these gains in the next two years. Full details in this year’s Almanac.

I’m speaking of VMware, one of the world’s leaders in the virtual computing systems to the world’s largest companies.    

What, exactly, is cloud computing?

Simply put, it’s a software technology that you don’t have to install, that reduces business cost by billions of dollars, and that end users can access with a click of a mouse.

As a result, end users like you and me don’t need to buy or install it. Yet, millions of computers use it every day without even knowing it—that’s because all the technology is kept behind the scenes.  Or, on the cloud, if you will.

If you’ve ever used Yahoo mail, Google mail, YouTube, Facebook, Paypal, or eBay, then you’ve already tapped into this technology with a few clicks of your mouse.

The multibillion-dollar businesses that are employing this company’s technology are making out like bandits by not only reducing their customers’ software and hardware costs but also by delivering better service as well.

This is why this company’s sales jumped 46% last quarter, why the company’s earnings soared 125%, and why its customer list looks like the who’s who of the world’s largest companies, including …

  • 100% of the Fortune 100
  • 98% of the Fortune 500 (that’s 491 out of 500)
  • 96% of the Fortune 1000 (that’s 995 out of 1000)

And that’s just U.S. companies!

Internationally they’re just as huge, featuring a client list that consists of:

  • 100% of the Fortune Global 100
  • 95% of the Fortune Global 500 (476 out of 500)Join Now
  • 91% of the FTSE 100 (U.K.)
  • 95% of the DAX 100 (Germany)
  • 100% of the CAC 40 (France)
  • 87% of the MIB 30 (Italy)
  • 91% of the IBEX 35 (Spain)
  • 94% of the ASX 100 (Australia/New Zealand)
  • 83% of the Nikkei 225 (Japan)

And it’s all because this company’s technology is cheaper, simpler, and more effective to run, service and upgrade than millions of existing Windows-based PCs—all because everything is done online.

Here’s What You Can
Expect as a New
Blue Chip Growth Subscriber

  1. You will profit from the most powerful earnings trends of our time.  Starting today, you will begin to profit from the falling dollar, rising oil prices, and the new export boom.  You’ll never feel that you’re behind the curve or missing out on new opportunities around the world.
  2. You’ll enjoy the earnings advantage that leads to greater profits and safety, by following the same time-proven investing expertise and strategy that’s not only handed my readers doubled my readers money countless times in our individual picks whiling beating the S&P 500 by better than $3 to $1 over the past 12 years.
  3. You’ll avoid the mistakes most investors make.  That’s because as one of my readers you’ll own companies that are riding the earnings trends and will sell them before they reverse course.  Daily I receive letters from readers who banked 176% in homebuilder Lennar, before it dropped 56%.  You can count on this same protection.
  4. You’ll always be up to date on the best opportunities in the world.  Every month, I’ll bring you the facts, depth, and analysis you need to make more profitable investment choices.  And between issues, I’ll bring you up-to-the-minute news and announcements on all our investments, so you can make the most profitable moves with your money.
  5. You’ll also gain valuable peace of mind and safety when it comes to your investments.  That’s because we invest in only the bluest of the blue chip stocks.  Companies with strong earnings momentum that are expanding their profit margins each and every year.  That’s the greatest cushion of safety you could ask for.
  6. You’ll have a clear-cut path for building wealth.  Your future is too important to leave to guesswork.  As one of my readers, you will know where you’re going.  You will understand why we invest in the stocks we do and your potential for profit, along with having portfolio allocations that will maximize your profits and reduce your risk.
  7. You will always have a friend to turn to.  If you ever have any questions about the forces in the marketplace that are affecting your investments, as one of my readers, you may write me at Blue Chip Growth.  I read my own mail.  I or one of my staff replies to nearly every subscriber letter we receive.  It’s part of the special consideration you receive when you join my family of readers.

When you subscribe to Blue Chip Growth, you’ll receive you own personal password to my private website along with complete access to my Portfolio Grader service.

That’s why the world’s largest corporations are flocking to this new technology and its global sales continue to take off as it truly represents the next big thing in technology today.

The reason is simple:

Here in this one technology you can streamline your operations via the Internet without capital expenditures for half or less of what you’re paying to do this in-house.

Here’s the best part.

This company’s technology couldn’t be needed more in these difficult times as all companies (both large and small) are racing to cuts costs and increase profits, while offering their customers the absolute best service.

I’m not the only one who seeks the mammoth profit potential here.

In the past three months, the analyst community also has revised its consensus earnings estimate 15% higher for the company. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by mutual funds and institutional investors who have simply loaded up on this stock for the long haul.

  • UBS Global Assets — 6.4 million shares
  • FMR LLC — 6.4 million shares
  • Sands Capital — 3.2 million shares
  • Morgan Stanley — 2.4 million shares
  • Fidelity Growth — 2.2 million shares
  • Vanguard Morgan — 1.1 million shares

It’s no wonder. They not only see cloud computing as “the next big thing” but also see our VMware as the biggest profit taker of all.

The reason is simple:

In addition to having a 96% market share of Fortune 1000 companies, the company also has a lock-grip on the top global companies in the most profitable niches in the world, including:

  • World’s top 50 banks
  • World’s top 10 aerospace and defense contractors
  • World’s top 5 airlines
  • 9 out of the world’s top 10 chemical companies
  • World’s top 5 diversified financial companies
  • World’s top 4 energy companies
  • World’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • World’s top 4 securities companies

The end result has sent VMware’s sales and earnings shooting through the roof.  But with the dollar falling and emerging markets flocking to this infrastructure free technology, even the company’s past 200% gains may pale in comparison to what lies ahead.

As you’ll see in your free 2011 Investing Almanac (online now),

This One Little Stock Could Make You
50% Richer in Six Months

The reasons are quite compelling:

  • The global slowdown has forced all companies to get lean and mean—trading workers for technology—and cloud computing offers one of the best ways a company can cut costs and improve productivity.
  • In fact, according to Information Week, spending on cloud computing will absorb 40% of corporate IT budgets this year, jumping to 70% in the next three years.
  • The market research firm IDC concurs that spending on cloud computing—which was $16.5 billion in 2009—will increase 27% annually for the next four years—that’s four times greater than the overall technology market.

As the market leader, our top-rated company will grab the lion’s share of profits.

This is why Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Vanguard and other institutional investors are gobbling up millions of shares.

“Here’s what my readers say about my Blue Chip Growth and how they have used my timely reports to profit.”

Took a Vacation of a Lifetime
We were able to use our gains from Blue Chip Growth to travel to South Africa for 14 days, which was one of our life-long dreams.
—Richard S., New Bern, NC

I gained $3,757.07 in 19 days
I made enough to buy my wife a nice new car. And, that was without paying more than $1,000…on any one stock. I gained $3,757.07 in 19 days!
—Vic E., Iowa City, IO

Santa Came Early!
Santa Claus came early this year when I subscribed to your newsletter! I sincerely appreciate the professional help you have provided. You have made investing fun again as I am already seeing progress in my portfolio.
Betty S.

Our net worth has more than doubled
In the two years after we subscribed to Navellier’s Blue Chip Growth, our net worth has more than doubled, growing from 5 figures to 6.
Rosemary B., Sun City Center, FL

Improved Returns 5x!
I moved my 401K over to a fund-based on Blue Chip Growth and went from 4% returns to over 20%.
L.E. Hanthorn

Up 190% in Brookfield Asset Management!
Your advice has helped us to prosper with our stock investments. We have made many successful investments following your advice— like Brookfield Asset Management up 190%!
Bob & Betty B., Forest Hill, MD

They’ve figured out what we already know—that this A rated cloud computing juggernaut is set to soar—especially with revenue growth that is four times greater than that of its closest competitor.

Please don’t think you are too late for the train on this one.  In your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011(online now), I’ll give you the full story on VMware.  Why your timing couldn’t be better to own this world-beater, along with my most recent buy price.

Plus I’ll you about two more fast-growing American exporters that are on the fast track to glorious profits.

The first, like John Deere, profits richly from the falling dollar and the rising cost of food in China.   The second is another trend-riding technology company whose profits hand over fist in the fast emerging trend of telecommuting. Up 169% over the past 12 months, we see the company repeating these great gains as the dollars triggers even more sales from the Asian nations.

To download your free copy, click here now.

Now It’s Your Turn to Grow Rich From These World-Changing Trends

In this year’s Blue Chip Growth Almanac, I’ve given you a panoramic overview of the new trends that will drive the markets in 2011, along with a sneak preview of the best stocks for 2011 and our advice for the coming year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our forecast and reading our new recommendations for SanDisk, John Deere, and VMware.  More than that, however, I hope that you can profit from them.

I wanted to give you their names now before you decide to join us, for two reasons.  First and foremost, I wanted to give you a great way to make money in 2011 in exchange for the time you’ve spent reading this report.

But more important, I wanted to show you the type of investment opportunities and strategic thinking that I’ll bring you every month when you join us at Blue Chip Growth.

I’m proud that for the past 12 years I’ve been able to alert my readers to the continuing changes in the marketplace and then guide them to the most profitable stocks.

By using this simple yet visionary approach, I’ve been able to not only help them bank $3-to-$1 profits but also lead them to many outstanding profits along the way.

All by simply riding the trends, buying the most profitable stocks, and holding on for the ride.

SanDisk, John Deere, and VMware are great examples of the approach that helped my readers grow three times richer over the past decade.

If their performance equals my past recommendations, you’ll not only grow 50% richer over the next six months but also beat the S&P 500 by $3 to $1.

If this sounds good to you, I invite you to download your free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011 along with a half-price, money-back-guaranteed subscription to Blue Chip Growth.

Just go here now.

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The 20 Best Stocks for 2011

As the falling dollar ushers in a new period of growth and competition, a handful of strategically placed U.S. technology, food, and manufacturing companies are going to reap almost obscene profits…while those that fail to see the handwriting on the wall will ultimately go nowhere.

Where Fortunes
Will Be Lost

257 Big-Name Blue Chip Stocks
to Sell Now

To be sure, not every U.S. multinational will boom like SanDisk, John Deere, and VMware. Others will simply lose their shirts.  All for the same reason that many good companies ultimately bleed red ink:  they simply can’t compete globally.

As a result, their sales will evaporate along with their operating margins.  Ultimately leading to negative earnings growth, zero return on equity (ROE), and finally a free fall in their stocks’ prices.

As one of my readers, you will not own these companies.

For over 20 years my firm has been the leading authority on the financial performance of today’s top stocks.  In fact, using our proprietary formula, we’ve beaten the S&P 500 by $3 to $1 over the past decade—earning mew Hulbert’s No. 1 ranking for consecutive 20 years.

I don’t mention this to boast, but simply to validate that our time-proven investing approach works, unlike the vast majority of newsletter editors, brokers, and gurus whose investments sound good on the surface…

…but fail to see what’s lurking below.

In fact, when all of Wall Street was shouting for you to buy Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco, I was screaming sell, as I could see that each of these companies was suffering from a combination of declining revenues, faltering earnings, and zero return on equity.

Those who got out when I said to not only saved themselves from losses of up to 100%… but were able to place their bets on real moneymakers like EMC, Dell, and Nokia that handed my readers 478%, 307%, and 252%, respectively.

This is why to protect your wealth you must avoid every company that’s not rising with the trends…expanding its operating margins, delivering a high ROE, and—most important—accelerating earnings growth.

Over the past 30 days, I’ve identified 257 big-name blue chip companies that could easily cause you trouble.  On average, their growth in revenues and sales is well below that of the S&P 500.  And their balance sheets look even worse.

By the way, you’ll find my complete list of stocks to sell in a free special report I’m sending to my new readers.  The free report is called 257 BigName Blue Chip Stocks to Sell Now.

In it you’ll find my list of 257 big-name companies that won’t survive the global changes afoot.  It also identifies a number of sectors ripe for a fall, in addition to the other costly and dangerous mistakes investors are making right now.

Until it arrives, here are a few stocks from your free report that I’m recommending you sell immediately.

Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT)
Blackrock Inc. (BLK)
Citigroup Inc. (C)

In it you’ll find my list of 257 big-name companies that won’t survive the global changes afoot.  It also identifies a number of sectors ripe for a fall, in addition to the other costly and dangerous mistakes investors are making right now.

Until it arrives, here are a few stocks from your free report that I’m recommending immediately.

That’s why if you’re serious about grabbing your share of profits from this world-changing trend, then you must own the 20 best stocks I’ll profile in this subscriber-only report. Over the next 12 months, the convergence of these massive trends will put powerful pressure under the stock prices of these strategic companies.  As a shareholder, you will be first in line to profit.

Sending you a free copy of The 20 Best Stocks for 2011 is the best way I know to make sure you get in on the ground floor of this exciting boom that’s headed your way.  I’ll explain why these companies offer you the smartest way to profit.  Plus I’ll give you my complete buy and sell instructions that will help you safely build your fortune and maximize your profits.

Here’s a sneak preview of the profits that await you:

  • My palms itch in anticipation of the profits SanDisk will hand us.  In your free report, you’ll learn how SanDisk is simply making money hand over fist from the falling dollar and rising emerging market sales.   If you had invested $20,000 in this company March of 2009, you’d be sitting on $124,000 now.  A $100,000 stake would now be worth $1.62 million. But even those great gains pale in comparison to what lies ahead, as the company has the company continues to blow past earnings estimates and should continue to do so year after year.
  • Secure your future with America’s No. 1 China Play.  With the Chinese government willing to pull out all the stops to increase food production, John Deere is truly in the catbird seat as its long improving crop production is exactly what China needs to stop food shortages. 
  • Profit richly from health care reform as the new regulations will give millions more Americans access to health services.   As you’ll read in your free report The 20 Best Stocks for 2011, our top pick has already handed my readers 68% gain with our two other top choices following right behind. But even these gains will look like a drop in the bucket as many new provision of the health care laws kick in next year and their sales and earnings continue to rise. 
  • Ride the high-definition (HD) TV revolution to $3-for-$1 gains.  The company is still on the ground floor of one of the greatest growth trends I’ve seen, as millions of Americans trade in their old TV sets and the world goes HD in a big way.  As you’ll see in your free report, this company will be the biggest profit-taker of all, as it offers nearly three times the HD programming for 30% less than the cable companies charge.
  • Double your money in the next Amazon. As you’ll see in your free report, little-known billion dollar online retailer is already on its way.  Up 61% on 140% sales growth. Your report reveals why plus why you can expect another 50% gain in the next six months. 
  • Plus:  15 more strategically placed companies that are growing richer from the falling dollar, growing China sales, and new U.S. export boom.  And it’s yours free, with your no-risk, free trial subscription to Blue Chip Growth.

Best of All, Your Decision to Try Blue Chip Growth is 100% Risk Free

I’ve built my reputation on every recommendation I’ve ever made.  That’s why if you feel that my recommendations aren’t bringing you the results you’ve read about here, just cancel and I’ll send you your money back. Join Now

Frankly, it’s the same fair-and-square deal I’ve made with every single one of my readers for the past 10 years.  You must be 100% satisfied and feel that I offer you a better, safer, and smarter way to grow your wealth or you won’t pay a dime.

Naturally, I couldn’t offer you such a strong guarantee if I weren’t convinced beyond doubt that the falling dollar, rising oil prices, and the US export boom will go down in history as the greatest wealth-building opportunities of 2011.

That’s why if after six months our recommendations haven’t made you at least 50% richer, you can cancel and keep all the issues and special reports you’ve received—plus receive a full refund of every penny you paid.

Because I give my new readers six months to evaluate my Blue Chip Growth—and on their own terms—it has become one of the most-respected and largest-circulation investment advisories in America.  Once you join us and profit from our advice, you’ll see why.

Special Introductory 50% Discount

Considering the fact that Blue Chip Growth is one of only a handful of investment advisories to have beaten the S&P 500 by $3 to $1 over the past decade, you could think that it would cost an arm and a leg to join us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I tell you how little Blue Chip Growth costs and that you can join us for half that, you’ll truly be both shocked and pleasantly delighted.

In fact, a one-year (12-issues) subscription to Blue Chip Growth is just $199.  For a limited time, you can join us for just $99.95.  By simply saying “yes” to my risk-free offer today, you’ll not only get in on the ground floor of this exciting new boom…

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Your special discount price includes 12 monthly issues of Blue Chip Growth, access to my private website site, my “Flash Alert” e-mail hotline service, and these three free reports: 

  • The 20 Best Stocks for 2011,
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  • How to Invest $50,000 Now

But when you join me for two years, you’ll save $100 and get 24 monthly issues for only $179, plus three additional free wealth-building reports:

  • 4 Best Dividend Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now
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  • 257 Big-Name Blue Chips to Sell Now

When you consider that you can cancel at any time during the first six months and receive a full refund, why not sign up for two years and get all six of my wealth-building reports FREE before you make your final decision?

That way you’ll automatically lock in our best price for two years and get five six special reports before you give us your final “yes” or “no.”

How can you say no?

As your reward, you’ll learn how you can take advantage of the three biggest trends of the year…and grab your share of the great US export boom that lies ahead.

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I guarantee it will be the most profitable risk-free decision you’ll make in your life.  You have my word.

Join NowSincerely,
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Louis Navellier, editor
Blue Chip Growth

P.S. Get this extra free bonus report when you respond in the next 24 hours. It’s called How to Buy Silver for $4 an Ounce, featuring the hottest technology stocks on the planet, and is available online now.

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