December 11, 2010

The Model for Creating Wealth

 You’ve know that you need to ‘make your money work for you’, right?  Well that is exactly what the Model for Creating Wealth does for you…

The secret is simple.  You simply set up Income Producing Assets (money-making things you own) that produce Multiple Streams of Income (from a diversity of assets) generating Unearned Income (money you make whether you work or not!).

Sound hard?  It really isn’t!

There are several basic steps to take – let me break it down for you…

You begin by funding a Seeds of Wealth fund, with the money you save from finding EXTRA VALUE from the things you are already buying (because a penny saved is NOT a penny earned – it is FREE MONEY!)

The Income Producing Assets you will be driving to include the Stock Market, a Side Business, and maybe even Rental Income (to be discussed at a later time).

You start with your Seeds of Wealth funding your first assets, and then you compound your Seeds of Wealth from the first income from your assets, which create more and more assets!  This exponentially increases your ability to earn and Create Wealth.   Pretty soon, your assets are doing ALL the work supplying you with UNEARNED INCOME (money that you dont have to personally work for – your assets are creating it for you!)

No to get there, you have to have a completely different perspective of money and wealth than most people have – this is the Secret behind the Secret.  This is why MOST people don’t create Wealth – they don’t really understand how to manage money to create wealth!  Once you learn and practice this perspective, Wealth Creation comes naturally!

Dont worry if these seem like foreign concepts to you, or if you don’t think you can do it.  With the tips I’ve learned through years of trial and error, I’ll show you step by step how I did it – and how you can too!  Whether you have a lot of money to begin with, or none, or are actually underwater in debt, you can get started today!  I’ll show you how!

Just start a tour of the links below and begin your personal journey toward financial independence!

The Mindset

The Model

Next Step:  A Penny Saved is… FREE MONEY!


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