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BOA Merrill Lynch Predicts 20% Market Crash in 2014

After a ‘more than robust’ year in 2013, it’s no wonder that some are predicting it to all come to an end soon. Here are the reasons presented in the video: 1) Treasuries looking better and better 2) The rally has lasted long, historically 3) Seasonality (not sure how this applies – IOW it could Read more about BOA Merrill Lynch Predicts 20% Market Crash in 2014[…]

Missing Out on the Stock Market Boom

An Article from TheWeek The Dow and S&P500 are at record highs, but many Americans are not participating – this article attempts to investigate why. My anecdotal belief is that it is due to fear – after the crash of 2008 and the non-stop rhetoric about economic trouble ever since, many have decided to keep Read more about Missing Out on the Stock Market Boom[…]

Another Crazy Stock Market Trick

AP reports how to make an easy ~20 percent by just buying on the last day of the month and selling at the close of the first day, due to a quirk about institutional investors and their money flow The strategy appears to work because of a market quirk. Money tends to go into stocks Read more about Another Crazy Stock Market Trick[…]