Stock Market Famous Last Words – Stay In at All Time Highs

Nervous about the Stock MarketAdding to our list of Stock Market Famous Last Words is a report from Yahoo Breakout…

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3 Reasons to Re-Think Bailing on Stocks at All-Time Highs

Uncharted territory is always scary. Whether you’re trekking the nether reaches of the Amazon jungle, or simply trying to time the top of a stock market that is trading at levels never seen before, it’s nerve wracking to be someplace you’ve never been before.

For stocks, the list of reasons to be scared is prominently displayed everyday, whether it’s the New York Times highlighting the market’s continued addiction to accommodative Fed policy, or the Wall Street Journal’s look at money flows and increased risk-taking, the way forward for stocks is clearly filled with warning signs.

And yet, strategist Brian Belski of BMO Capital Markets is on a bit of a “Buy America” tour, and lists at least three key reasons why investors don’t want to turn their backs on the S&P 500 just yet.

1) Quality, Transparency, Consistency

Belski says he follows the investment axiom of “buying scarcity and selling capacity,” and right now, he thinks the U.S. alone offers what investors want most


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