June 28, 2010

Seeds of Wealth

A Penney Saved is…  FREE MONEY!Searching for Value

When we realize that our money are really SEEDS that will grow and grow and work for us so that we eventually won't have to, we begin to see the need to save as much as we can!

Our Seeds of Wealth are the KEY to getting us to Financial Freedom, and the only way in which to Build Wealth. 

So – what's better than our money compounding for us?  FREE money compounding for us!  Remember that when we SAVE what we SAVE, it's like having FREE money left over in our pocket!  

If we were going to spend $50 on a nice dinner, and instead we spend $35 on appetizers and a shared drink once a week, we can save $60 a month, which if done each month will total $21,000 in 10 years at our 20% target interest rate!  Remember that all that money would have just simply disappeared if you hadn't put it away and SOW'n it!

So – let's look at all the ways that we can SAVE our Seeds of Wealth without hardly missing a dime…

No Brainer Savings Right Away

Creative Ways to Save a LOT of Money

Simple Lifestyle Changes that Can Contribute a LOT

These six simple items can help save the 'average' consumer over $500 per month, which when contributed directly to your 20% / No Tax Plan, will compound to over $188,000 in ten years, and over $1,500,000 in twenty!  And this is all from FREE MONEY!

Do the math yourself – plug in $500 per month for twenty years at 0% tax rate into the calculator here

Now, continue on the path to see how we'll shoot for that 20% / 0% plan…