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college debt kills early retirement

How College Debt Destroys Retirement Planning

The burden of student loans is felt long after students leave the classroom. Many graduates are familiar with the obstacles of finding a well-paying job or affording daily living expenses, but the true financial impact of debt is a compounding problem for Millennials hoping to retire one day.

With the college debt bubble growing larger than $1 trillion in total outstanding loans, more harmful side effects are being realized each school year. A new report from NerdWallet finds that while retirement is not impossible, most students will have to wait until their early to mid 70s compared to the current average retirement age of 61.

21 Rules of the Rich

I recently ran across this article entitled 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Average People based on a book called How Rich People Think. I was immediately struck by the similarities between the writing on Bold and Determined and the thoughts of the rich elite. The 21 rules of the rich are in bold and my thoughts Read more about 21 Rules of the Rich[…]