December 11, 2010

Starting Your Own Business

 21st Century Online Entrepreneur


Creating Value to Create Wealth… 


I have found that people who are truly interested in Creating Wealth want to take an active role in producing value and then being justly compensated for it – that is surely true for me!

Imagine your own business generating cash for you with only a few hours a week work – cash that you can then turn into assets.

KEY to the Creating Wealth Model is to establish sources of Unearned Income from your Income Producing Assets.

One of these Assets can be Your Own Business!

If you are pursuing the Creation of Wealth, you have probably considered going into business for yourself – or at least not ‘working’.  Well you’re in luck!  The environment for the Entrepreneur in the 21st Century is truly unique – and virtually anyone can take advantage of it, if they understand it properly. In fact, the opportunity is so great these days, it’s almost hard not to succeed!

Used to be that ‘starting your own business’ involved ton of capital, and a ton of time.  But the times have changed drastically!  Now virtually anyone can get started in almost no time with almost no capital!  These times are truly designed for the Entrepreneur!  Why?  because of the Internet!  Now is the age of “Passive Income Businesses.”


Today, Creating Wealth is All About The Information

The first part of the 20th Century was all about manufacturing – that’s where most of the Wealth was created.  The last part of the Century was all about Services. 

The 21st Century is all about Information – and there is NO going back! 

In short, people need to know things.  In fact we’re are addicted to it!  It might be a bank statement, the latest news, how to cook a recipe, where to go for dinner, the latest movie to see, even how to get a mate.  The list literally goes on and on and on and on…  All that the Internet does is provide a means for people to store and share information!  It’s really that simple!  Nowadays, almost anything can be known instantly, anywhere in the world!

Think for a moment of the different things you have ‘Googled’ lately.  I bet it’s quite a long and diverse list?  With the Internet it’s right there, right now! 

Now think of this:  Someone provided you that information, and most likely got paid to do it!  They may not have been paid by you directly, but they were likely paid by an advertiser!


Have the Marketing Opportunities dawned on you yet? 

Think of it – a virtually unlimited market (essentially the whole free world is ‘online’) and the Free Market is booming! 

Here are some examples of what you can do…all while keeping your current job, until you are prepared to go it alone…

  • Info-Marketing
  • Auctions
  • Online Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing

Now some of us are more limited ‘technically’ than others – and that’s fine!  There are two paths we can take, one for the person who doesn’t want to worry about all the technical details, and one who thrives on them!  Personally, I switch between the two – so I’ve experimented with both paths.


The Best Opportunity I’ve Found For Those Who Want to Start NOW with Little Technical Ability – Site Build It!

Above I have described a little of each opportunity – and a little of how to get started.  And if you’re ready to get started but don’t know how – here’s a company that shows you how to , step by step!  You can choose any of those business approaches, and follow their advice.  It’s a company called “Site Build-It”, and they have a philos0phy of online entrepreneurship (build CONTENT, built TRAFFIC, PRESELL, and only then can you MONETIZE)  that hits home to me.  Let me walk you through why – then, just choose the marketing aspect that appeals to you to learn more about, and get a FREE e-course on how to pursue that business…

  • My Story  (My personal story about how I arrived at this position in life, and why I hope my lessons learned can help you too!)
  • More About SBI (I really want you to see this information – If you want to build a business the ‘easy’ way, you’re going to love it!)

I’ll be bringing forward more information about each path a little later – for now, explore the SBI information above to begin your research.

Good luck!