December 8, 2010

Master the Market

There is a way!  It IS possible to master the Stock Market – we just have to know the Model that the Pro’s use.

“Yeah right!” you’re saying.  “Sounds too good to be true!”  Or maybe “Haven’t you been paying attention to this crazy market the last few years?  Don’t you know that most people lost much of their life savings?”  Well of course I do – but I didn’t lose mine!  And many others didn’t either!

One of the GREAT attractors to the Market is the fact that it involves ‘numbers’.  This brings about a “mathematical” and “secret formula” connotation.  So, many investors like to think that there  MUST be a secret formula somewhere that ‘the Rich Stock Brokers’ know about;  if we could just figure it out we’d be rich too!  Well it’s TRUEThere IS a Secret Formulaand my guess is you’ve already heard of it!

Here it is:    BUY LOW; SELL HIGH

Now – before you say another ‘yeah right!’, I bet you’ll agree that there is a HUGE conundrum regarding this ‘Secret Formula’:  Everyone knows the Secret (it’s intuitive!);  But hardly anyone knows HOW to do it!

But here’s the deal – there are people who know how to make money in the Market – no matter what it does!  The second secret to learn is “It’s not about WHAT you buy, it’s about WHEN you buy (and sell)!”   Walk through the basics with me, and I’ll show you step-by-step how I’ve Mastered the Market

Basic Market Knowledge – ALL We Need to Know

 The Models that Attempt to Master the Market

The ULTIMATE Market Model



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