December 26, 2010

How to Fix Your Finances

Getting to Zero

Sometimes we know we need to fix our finances, but we don't know where to start because we've never been taught.  If so, never fear!  All you need to know is found right here on this site!

Sometimes we don't know where to start fixing our finances because we're so far in the hole – maybe too much debt, or not enough income.  THATS OK!

If you haven't yet, make sure you review the information found under The Model for Creating Wealth – the most important thing you can learn is the new mindset – how to look at money.

The income part is the SPECIALITY of this site – and this particular page will help you understand debt and how to beat it, so you can get started Creating Wealth with your new Mindset driven by the Model.

I don't want you to wait to begin the extra income portion of your Wealth Creation experience, but I also understand that you may need to fix a few things at the same time.  So – begin looking at some of the links below if you need to 'fix your finances'…


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