Middle Class Falls Short On Retirement

Rueters today is publishing proof of what makes me worry – too many people will not be prepared for their retirement.  Listen to this scary quote: "Too many Americans have their heads in the sand in the face of obvious savings deficits," said Laurie Nordquist, director of Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement Trust. "Barring a miracle, Read more about Middle Class Falls Short On Retirement[…]

Social Security Faith Diminishing

Ya – even USA Today understands – “Faith in Social Security Tanking“.  Here are some nuggets:  “A dramatic increase in people who expect benefits to be cut.”   “3/4 of those 18 – 34 don’t expect to receive benefits.”  “Trust fund exhausted by 2037.”  “The recession ‘”…makes it easier to make some of the changes that Read more about Social Security Faith Diminishing[…]