Five People Who Saved Over $1Million

CNN Money has a report describing how five investors managed to save over $1M via their 401K’s.  Imagine where they would be if they had actually created wealth too! Here are the key themes: 1) Start young 2) Watch out for fee’s 3) Max out contributions 4) Live Frugally 5) Automate your savings Read the full Read more about Five People Who Saved Over $1Million[…]

Stock Market Famous Last Words – Stay In at All Time Highs

Adding to our list of Stock Market Famous Last Words is a report from Yahoo Breakout… Our Stock Market Model tells us EXACTLY when and how much to sell at highs, so we can be sure that we keep the profits and have cash ready to buy when the Market dips – does your plan Read more about Stock Market Famous Last Words – Stay In at All Time Highs[…]

Adding Debt Takes Away from 401K Savings

Saving More but in Debt More Too

One step forward, two steps back. While Americans are saving more for retirement, many are also going even deeper into debt. The treadmill is starting to run in reverse. Over 60% of workers participating in an employer sponsored retirement plan accumulated more debt than they contributed to their retirement savings between 2010 and 2011, according Read more about Saving More but in Debt More Too[…]

college debt kills early retirement

How College Debt Destroys Retirement Planning

The burden of student loans is felt long after students leave the classroom. Many graduates are familiar with the obstacles of finding a well-paying job or affording daily living expenses, but the true financial impact of debt is a compounding problem for Millennials hoping to retire one day.

With the college debt bubble growing larger than $1 trillion in total outstanding loans, more harmful side effects are being realized each school year. A new report from NerdWallet finds that while retirement is not impossible, most students will have to wait until their early to mid 70s compared to the current average retirement age of 61.