Warren Buffet on How to Get Rich

The world’s most ingenious investor, Warren Buffett, recently reported out in Parade Magazine the ’10 Ways to Get Rich’. These ten ways are, of course, in line with the Wealth Creation Model.  They are as follows: Reinvest your profits. Be willing to be different. Never suck your thumb. Spell out the deal before you start. Read more about Warren Buffet on How to Get Rich[…]

Power-AIM – Automatic Investment Management

COMING SOON! Most Investors want a system that provides safety AND the potential for significant returns. And of course, the quicker we make safe gains, the better.  But most of us are appropriately wary of ‘day trading’, because it is too risky.  But what if we develop a system that expects (even needs) the inevitable Read more about Power-AIM – Automatic Investment Management[…]

Automatic Investment Management – AIM

AIM is an investment method devised by the late Robert Lichello in a book with an unfortunate name.  He coined the name and acronym AIM: Automatic Investment Management.  This method is a proven way to take advantage of the inevitable Market swings to enable us to ‘Buy Low / Sell High’ – which is of course Read more about Automatic Investment Management – AIM[…]