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BOA Merrill Lynch Predicts 20% Market Crash in 2014

After a ‘more than robust’ year in 2013, it’s no wonder that some are predicting it to all come to an end soon. Here are the reasons presented in the video: 1) Treasuries looking better and better 2) The rally has lasted long, historically 3) Seasonality (not sure how this applies – IOW it could Read more about BOA Merrill Lynch Predicts 20% Market Crash in 2014[…]

Missing Out on the Stock Market Boom

An Article from TheWeek The Dow and S&P500 are at record highs, but many Americans are not participating – this article attempts to investigate why. My anecdotal belief is that it is due to fear – after the crash of 2008 and the non-stop rhetoric about economic trouble ever since, many have decided to keep Read more about Missing Out on the Stock Market Boom[…]

Five People Who Saved Over $1Million

CNN Money has a report describing how five investors managed to save over $1M via their 401K’s.  Imagine where they would be if they had actually created wealth too! Here are the key themes: 1) Start young 2) Watch out for fee’s 3) Max out contributions 4) Live Frugally 5) Automate your savings Read the full Read more about Five People Who Saved Over $1Million[…]

Mastering the Market

There is a way!  It IS possible to master the Market – we just have to know the Model that the Pro's use. "Yeah right!" you're saying.  "Sounds too good to be true!"  Or maybe "Haven't you been paying attention to this crazy market the last few years?  Don't you know that most people lost much of Read more about Mastering the Market[…]